Kitchen Counterparts

Lotus Leaf & Lustre

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Home is where the heart is. The kitchen is often the hub of the home.
Washup – Botanical Hand Wash
Aromatic botanical Hand Wash for use anytime/everyday. Bolstered with aloe, horopito and grapefruit seed, woody balmy undertones creating a feeling of warmth and security.
Benchpress – Surface Spray
Benchpress is a biodegradable blend bolstered with essential oils like citrus, clove bud and cinnamon bark.
Insink – Dish Wash
For a gleaming sink of dishes, Insink’s mild, botanical and eco-friendly formulation cuts through grease and cleanses with confidence.
1x Washup Vine & Paisley 500ml
1x Benchpress 500ml
1x Insink 500ml
1x Gift Box