The Eva Edition Box Set

Blossom & Gilt

View our video on our collaboration with Eva and Cure Kids here

Inspired by one particularly special kid, we’ve developed the Eva Edition: A specially formulated Wonder Washup and Soothe & Zap sanitising cream, both boosted with special, healing ingredients chosen by Eva.
Washup Wonder – Boosted Hand Wash
Our infamous Washup invigorated with the wonderous natural extracts of Raspberry Seed and antiseptic aidof Manuka. Working alongside Aloe, Horopito and Grapefruit Seed, Washup Wonder’s capacity to cleanse is seriously strong while its scent is frivolously fun.
Soothe & Zap – Hydra-Cream Sanitiser
Intensive hydration and rinse free hand cleanse with Raspberry Seed & Manuka. Hydrate, zap and inhibit. An alcohol free germ guard which goes on creamy for soft clean hands. Clinically proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria found on skin.